Starting Out

Referral and Evaluation

Considering transplantation signifies the beginning of each transplant patient’s journey.  The decision to pursue a transplant is a life changing decision.  Some important facts to consider:

  • here in Arizona over 2200 patients are waiting for a transplant
  • of these patients waiting up to 93 may be waiting for a pancreas transplant
  • an average of 4 to 5 years is the time that a patient could be waiting for a pancreas transplant.

Pancreas transplants are nearly always done in people with type 1 diabetes who are getting or already have a transplanted kidney.  The purpose of pancreas transplantation is to ameliorate type 1 diabetes and produce complete insulin independence.  Our transplant team will help you to determine if a kidney-pancreas transplant is your best treatment option.  Education and open communication are essential parts of this process.  Once referred to the transplant program, you will have clinical tests and examinations to help determine if a transplant is a safe option for you.  Some important considerations include:

  • health factors (other medical conditions and overall health)
  • social support and caregiver (essential especially in the initial weeks after transplant)
  • insurance contracts with transplant centers