Support and Education

1.     Transplant Candidate Class

Before patients embark on this life changing decision, they will take a class that our team of professionals provide to every transplant candidate. The class size is kept to small groups of patients and needs to be attended prior to deciding whether or not they want to pursue their journey of becoming a “Transplant Patient.” Some of our Transplant Patients are advocates and will share with the potential patients their experience and relay some facts they learned along the way. This dialogue provides the potential candidate a great opportunity to learn about the many facets of the transplant process, as well as, real-life experiences and facilitates them making an informed decision. For registration in this class please call: 1-480-610-6165

2.     Advocacy Groups

There are different groups in the community that will give you guidance and support. Some of these are directly related to kidney disease and some are related to general organ transplantation. Also, you can find some browsing the internet and find useful information. Be advised that they cannot make any clinical recommendations to you.

 a. SKI Advocacy Group     480-610-6165

We work in conjunction with our Patients Advocacy Group for transplant, helping recipients find strength and encouragement through the experiences of others.


b. Arizona Kidney Foundation     602- 845-7920

The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona can provide emergency financial assistance for a variety of special needs when other sources of help are exhausted.


c. New Life Society   602-277-2661

The New Life Society provides assistance to individuals in the state of Arizona who have received an  organ transplant as well as those individuals waiting for an organ transplant, their families, caregivers.